Strato-distort !

From down under to way up above !!

Some shots for you today !! Thought you might have had enough of Hong Kong for a while so skipped a few rolls and decided to post these shots of Melbourne instead !! Didn't trip around much , last time I was down there ! Ended up working most of the time but still managed to get a few digital and then these here 2 films done ! A regular Kodak 200 colour negative and a 200 slide/cross processed later ... Both in the Lomo-fisheye !! Shots are from Chapel street , it's beautiful trams and a few on my way out again !! Here we go ... And if it's any consolation to the one's of you who'd rather see other things posted then my weirdo pictures ... This is probably the last Photo-post in a while !! However , more will eventually come that's for sure !!!!

Lomo-fisheye + Kodak 200N / Some slide 200 + Chapel street >>>>>>

On me way out again !!
Flight over the bush fires !! (Not the ones in Iraq)

And finally back to my little factory ... 'twas back to Winter , back then !!

More stuff later later !! Now ... Back to work !


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