My friends rock !!

They do in deed !

Today my coconspirators , Allan and Malle came back from they're last far East expedition and it's damn good to have them back !! Shop's been pretty empty for a month and it's just not the same without them ! And as happy I am to have them back and am not generally one to expect or be too excited about materialness (no ... It's true ... !!) I must blog about this particular awesomeness !!!

These two crazies , as the tradition goes , brought back with them a bag filled with wonders and goodies from the Orient ! That's right !! However , not just any goodies !! Hang on to your hats and get ready to be hella-jealous !!! Knowing much too well about my disturbing obsession with anything related to mister Rockin' JellyBean (Master of all life anywhere in the universe and ultimate ruler of all things awesome) , these two accomplices have managed to exceed any expectations I could have ever had in the "RJB related goodies" department !!! Behold my collection ... Here's what my Japanese Christmas looks like this year !!!

Now I have to get them a pony from my next trip !!

Welcome back guys !!


Flora Amalie said...

Pony Pony Pony Pony!!!!

Jesse Smith said...


igl said...

coool, happy holidays mr epick !!!