Horizons !!

Who would have thought !?

Just a quick post to explain that I've had a lot of e-mails about submissions for pieces for my next U.S. trip lately !! First I'd like to say that you are , indeed , more than welcomed to enquire at anytime for any kind of questions you might have !! However , when it comes to actual booking , I will be starting to take dates for appointments on the 25th of May only !!! Also , I will only be booking one-shots !! I've had a lot of requests for sleeves and other huge pieces and I am in no way starting anything that I can't finish on this trip !!! I probably won't be back to the States for an other few years and a sleeve or a half sleeve is the kind of project that requires a few sessions and am intending to leave no piece behind !!! Hope you understand !!!

For any enquiry: pick@electricpick.com
For the dates: Check this post !

In other news >>>> I've decided to make a few sets of new prints in the weeks to come !! I've got a few in mind however might not have enough dough to get them all done so will have to start slow !! However , I can tell you this much so far ... The Cloudhugger will most probably be first ! More on that next week !!

Rock on and Plog ya later !!

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Flora Amalie said...

Yay, i vote for Cloudhugger!
Actually, Cloudhugger for president!!