Silly device !!

Was just doodling this one at my breakfast place this morning and felt a bit old for a few seconds !! I was just drawing a chick holding a phone and thinking about what other crazy stupid stuff could happen on that little piece of sketchbook when a kid came over and asked me what that was that she was holding in her hand !! Well that's a phone , of course - I replied ! But the kid wouldn't have it !! That's not what a phone looks like !! That's just silly !! Why would a phone be so big and silly looking !!

So yeah ... Apart from arguing with kids , work work work is what I've been busy with !! And lots more of it to go too !! Almost done with the postcard business I last talked about !! I was initially thinking of having all of them be some of this year's new stuff but the truth is , I don't have so much new stuff that fits well on a postcard and have a lot of cool old pieces that never got printed out !! So .. It'll be a mix !! Mostly new but a few classics too ! I think I have about 12 ready and just have to pick the two weakest links and finish up the back !! The two big prints are almost done too !! A matter of hours now !! Most probably have it all done and sent over tomorrow !! All this made me think though ... Last time I got anything printed was a year ago !! Should print stuff more often !! Anywho ... I'll update you all tomorrow !

Until then ... Hang in there and Plog ya tomorrow , faithful Ploggers !!

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Monster Sid said...

yeah, thats crazy ;]
i wonder how you can find time to do all this silly stuff ;]
after work i would love to draw/paint, but usually i am totally dead and after like hour, my head land somewhere among the pencils ;p

best regards from poland!