Top o' the tower to ya !

Here it is ... The day's urban planning !!

The red city came back for more colour today and 5 hours of liner and shader (mostly liner though) colour all on the shoulder later ... The top of the future "Blade runner" city sleeve is done !! Now ... I am really happy to have decided to go crazy and super graphic with the sky !!! I just went flat red crazy !!! It looks awesome ! Once in a while I like to have just one thing super flat !! Like "photoshop flat" ... Specially on pieces with deep and endless backgrounds !! So ... Yeah !! Here it is but remember boys and girls , taking a picture of a bloody shoulder is pretty hard to do !! So ... More bester pictures when it's all done !!

Until then stay tuned for some more adventures of Detective Grey on tomorrow's episode of the Electric Plog !!

Rock !

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Petri said...

Reminds me of "Left 4 Dead"!!