The day we lost the Earth !!

... A tad bit dramatic , don't you think ?

Yet nowhere near as dramatic as this situation right here !! The first and second wing of the Martian Expeditionary Squadron have landed and are racking havoc in our cities and there's nothing we can do about it !!!!!!! Furthermore , it looks like more and more of them keep coming !! What will we do ?? Hide underground perhaps ??

Today's apocalyptic scene of the ultimate end of mankind's rule of the planet Earth ... In colour !! We had done the lines last time ... One more shot in June and we should be pretty close to the end on this super half sleeve !! This sky is mad on fire , let me tell ya !

Happy Easter to all , to whom it may concern ! To all the other atheist kids out there ... Happy chocolate industry day !!

And remember ... We're being watched with envious eyes !!!

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igl said...

why is that skull in the sky nick, whhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!??????