Fresh off the boat !

Pictures to come !!!

So yeah !! Landed last night in this fine little place !!! Hot but dry !! It's awesome ! Found my motel and went to hook up with my buddy Jesse and some local homies!! This place is cool ... Lots of fake looking Mexican buildings and real looking palm trees !!!

Today ... Me and Jesse are a going to the Comicon !!! That's right ... The San Diego one !!!

So ... Pretty hard to find internet right now !! So give me a few days for all replies ! I'm still booking dates , ( since yesterday ) for the month of September ( back in Copenhagen ) You just wont get an answer until the next few days !!

And now if you forgive me ... I'm ...

Mucho pictures to come !

Later !


Thorofasius said...

Cool drawing man!

Thanks for the comment on the booking dates, I'll be paitent :)

Have fun at the comicon!

Flora Amalie said...

Yeah, have fun i hate you.
Oh, where did that come from i really hate
you. Damn! Seriously, enjoy. Asshole.

Petri said...

What, no pint holder!?