In a million bits !

And then some !!

This little devil came back for some colours today and got 5 hours worth of it !! Almost finished it ( 1 and a half hour left ) ! 'twas a hard day , today !! Just got me a good case of Summer flu !! The worst kind , if you ask me ! They last for weeks and weeks and every time you cough you feel like you die a bit for a few seconds and get to feel where every one of your internal organs are situated !! Ok ok ... I'll spare you the details !!

Having chosen and regularly having to fight to preserve a life alone ... There isn't that many people I can whine about such things to !! That's where you come in handy !! And for some reason ... A cold or the flu is just intolerable ... I don't know what it is , maybe it's a guy thing but I'd honestly much rather get shot ( in the arm and just with a bb gun perhaps ) then have to deal with a few weeks of this flu !! Ok ... Enough self pity !!

This last tattoo session was the last one at "home" ... Next pieces will be in San Diego !! So ... Hope you can wait a bit cuz all you'll be getting for the next week and a bit are some "on the road" pictures , illustration and sketches !

Now ... Back home to pack and cough myself to bed !


Flora Amalie said...

You should be sleeping!
Or drinking camomille tea!
One of those, nothing else is acceptable!
Oh, and did you pack the baldrian pills?
Stop me when i turn in to you mom!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love the colours on this tattoo, man, it is sweet.

Get wel soon!

CoreyGirl said...

i hate having no one to whine to when i need it. it makes it somehow ten times worse to come to that realization when you are feeling miserable..