twee broodges kroket !

Today on Pancake street !

Well ... My Tattoo marathon came to an abrupt end today !! My customer of the day never showed up ... This stuff happens once in a while and , honestly .... I can always appreciate a spontaneous day off ! However , I can't help to think and feel bad for the 12 people I couldn't find room for on this trip cuz I was over booked !! Not cool !!

I did , however , get to draw a bunch and will post it all as soon as I get my hands on a scanner !!

Tomorrow ? More broodges kroket !!

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if you have a tinytiny feeling about a customer who might not show up..? Kinda impossible I guess. Your customers seem a wee bit more serious about their pieces than the local piercing joint's so its hard to imagine somebody just not to show up. And a slap in the face to all of us who chase you around the block to get an appointment.