Where the flags run free !!

Now , the thing with America , is that you'll notice , when you get there , that it's overwhelmingly populated by Americans ! True story !! I had read this in a book of facts , a while ago and not only was it filled with facts but I now realize , it also read the truth ! It's just funny and kinda nice to hear the different words and accents and manners used by different people !

Just made it happily to Philly today and am pretty damn happy about that !! I really love Philadelphia and the next few days will be dedicated to enjoying this little NAmerican jewel I so rarely get to see !! Tomorrow ... The obligatory Philly cheese steak sandwich is in order ! And then ... Photos and Drawings all over !!

Random street corner !


Thorofasius said...

Well, enjoy buddy!

Anonymous said...

yeah phillys my closest city,u picked hot timeto come though