The Angels in the heavens ...

... Is not what Mr.Shaky legs was thinking about for almost 6 hrs yesterday !!! But here's what we were busy doing on him !! Next time ... We start colour on the dudes and dudettes !!

I've been starting the packing routine for my next trip next week and ... However I had realized this a while ago , I still have to rant about it just a bit ... This technology thing is starting to be very unpractical !! I now have more adapters and chargers and Usb this and Usb that and battery packs and wires for this and wires for that for all my crap than the drawing kits I bring with me !!! It used to be much more simple !! Technology was supposed to make my life easier but it didn't really !! It just gave me the opportunity to do more things and then made me have to make lists of all the crap I can't forget to pack and bring with me if I wanna do all these things !! Oh! And I have to remember the U.S. power adapters too !!

Alright ... Enough of this ... I sound like Andy Rooney now !! Tomorrow ? Is another day of tat-grinding !!


Thorofasius said...

This is one awesome piece! I recon Mr. shaky legs must be pretty satisfied!

Anonymous said...

OH he is, he realy is..

BTW nick gona mail does photos tomorrow. have fun on you trip