10 gone in a night !!

PUPERMARKET news update and answers to a few questions :

1. Thanks a lot !!! I luv em too !!

2. This is a working site , however , also a test and a lot has to be arranged and made more practical !! So , while you can go and order them at anytime , the main dynamic is expected to change soon ... The selection system will be simplified as soon as I get back from Holland , next week !

3. Yeah ! I know !! No shipping to the U.S. !! Please forgive me , I don't hate you at all !!! In fact 2 out of my 4 best friends in the world are American and I always love visiting !! But the thing is ... With the Scandinavian prices + the shipping and your dollar being almost completely totaled ... They almost make it to 100 $ a piece !!!!!!!! And that's just wrong ... There's just no way I can do that !! Am truly sorry but get one of your Euro friends to get you one and pay them back when your economy gets better !!

4. 100 of each ! No reprints !!!!

Later !

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Flora Amalie said...

So what do people do if you are their euro friend... you think about that?

Congrats on the e-success!