Irina spetsnaz

Yowza !!

Sorry to all my friends from the west ( in the 60s ) but this skanky comrade just won the space race !!

The judges , however , have some suspicions about her dodgy racing techniques but nothing's been proven yet !!

Been drawing and painting racing chicks for a few months now ... And been wanting to tattoo one for about as long !!! What better chance to do so then with a customer who's only need was ... One of my darlings !! Throw some commie space stuff in there and you got a winner !!!

Did this all day for 6 hours !! That's right , a new "Trooper" title was handed today !! With much tears and emotion , the award was rightfully given and , once again , all is good tonight in the Netherlands !

So far , on this trip , Holland's been good to me !!

Tomorrow ?? .... No idea !

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