Aight !

My last full day here's local folks sketchings ! Once again , walked around town and drew lots ... Here are a few of today's pieces ! Had my last true Philly cheese steak sandwich and my last breakfast at "The Morning Glory" ... Met a cool illustrator and had way more Guinness than anyone should reasonably indulge in , so early in the day !! And am now getting ready for part 2 of the trip !! Since I won't be back here till next year , I'm a bit sad that I haven't taken nearly as many pictures as I wanted to !! But maybe San Diego has a few good shots in exchange !

Here are some doodles ! The "Bean Cafe" on south street ( at least my vision of it ) and Shevunduh here's giving some dudes some attitude about disrespecting her or her friend ... I don't really know ? But it was loud !!

Tomorrow ... 2 , three hour flights and I'll be landing for the first time on the west coast of this , way too big country !! Yes ! I decided it was too big !! I grew up a few years in Canada ( back in the day ) and that was big too but no one really lives there so you never really had a reason to go anywhere else in the country ! So the States are either gonna have to empty out half the country or squeeze it up a bit !! You know ... Literally downsize ! Anywhays ... I'll save this idea for my next speech at the U.N. !!

In the mean time ... If you ever drop by Philly one of these days ... Check out my top spots and let me know ! No.1 bar = The Tattooed Mum ! No.1 Cheesecake = Darling's ! No.1 Cheesesteak = Geno's and the No.1 Breakfast place = The Morning Glory / Famous 4th street diner !



Anonymous said...

good luck out west, your sketches def. inspire me, i'll be hedin down south tom. n. carolina plan to do a lot of drawing

Flora Amalie said...

I love the bar sketch, but it's missing a chunk!
Shevunduh's cool too, she takes crap from no man!

Petri said...

Do you ever show these to women and get laid?