( sound my brain makes from the overwhelming art overload witnessed in the last few days !! )

Welcome to San Diego !!

From the Comicon , absolutely !!! But mostly just meeting all these awesome artists and getting to hang out with them !!! Friends of friends and just really cool folks !!! I've had more awesome input and constructive art talk with artist I respect and look up to , in the last two days then I've had in the last few years !!! However much I love my little rainy island and definitely do not plan on moving any time soon , I still realize how isolated I am artistically speaking from all these art homies and how talking and exchanging with artist who's work you respect and who respect yours is so important and how much I need and miss it !!! Since I've been here , the routine so far has been ... Discovering awesome new stuff and meeting my favourite comic book artists all day ( while trying to not get engulfed by the massive crowd of 200 000 comic book geek , random mascots and your average storm trooper patrol ! ) and hanging out , drinking beers out on the driveway with some super artists in the evenings and nights !!!

Here are a few links you got to check out of good old , back in the day homies and some brand new , awesome homies !! Check them out when you get a second !!!!! The Craiger ... The Jesse ... The Kevin ... The Adam ... ! Rock'n !!!!!!

Here are a few shots from the last few days at the show !!!! Huge I tell ya !!!!!!!!

Oh and of course ... The mandatory comicon shot !!! An event for the whole family !!

P.s. Still booking for September ... You just don't know about it !! Will be answering everyone with dates for September in about two days !!! Internet , when on the road , is harder to get than I always assume !!!

Later !!

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