H.M.S. Thunderchild

Damn right !!

This , my friends , is a dream come true !! For the many who know how obsessed , the Conspiracy inc. is , with the original War Of The Worlds musical (78) ... And how many times I've drawn and painted these images of conquering tripods ... And the fabulous yet tragic story of the H.M.S. Thunderchild !!! Then you know ... How happy I was to work on this today !! My first ever WOTW piece ever !!!! Been dreaming of tattooing this for a few years now ... Almost managed a few times , however , never so successfully !!!!!

More colour in this one next year !

Things I had to do before I die -1 !


Uncle Allan said...

Sniff sniff!!!

That is beautyfull!!! I almost puked a bit of happyness!

Flora Amalie said...

That's friggin RAD!!!
Congratulations, this is huge!