So yeah ! I'm hanging out at one of my favourite bars in Philly ( the Tattooed Mom ) and am just sipping away at the sweet sweet Guinness while sketching in the sketchbook under the air conditioning magic ! When suddenly ... The waiter dude goes "Hey man ! How's it going !? That's pretty nice stuff you're drawing there ! We're having this event next weekend and the boss asked me to find someone to draw a flyer , ya know ! Nothing complicated just a doodle !" and then continues "We're gonna have people make robots out of PBR* cans and well ... A flyer with a can or a robot would be nice man!" ... So , thinking that's pretty funny , that I was drawing anyways and that I happen to have all my drawing stuff with me , I went " Sure man " ... Drew for a bit and landed me 3 pints of Guinness , a Tattooed Mum T-shirt and an awesome Mondo Cheese steak sandwich for a half hour of drawing !! Nice one ! But more importantly , I'm really happy to leave something behind !! Specially at one of my favourite bars so far from home ! I'll drop by again in a few days to pick up a flyer !!

Here's an other picture ... Hard to take a shot in a bar !

Tomorrow , more pictures !! + My buddy Mandy makes it back from the Korean front !

*PBR=Local brewski !


Thorofasius said...

That's awesome man, working for your meal and drink and duuude, that is one kick ass robot!

Petri said...

That how they find recruits!!