Princess cookies !

C to the open to the H to the agen !

Just landed back on my little island from my week of dutch adventures on Pancake street !! And managed to find a few minutes to scan some of my Dutch doodles !! Here are a few of what I managed to work on ... While waiting for coffees and between customers !! Got a bunch of unfinished ones too but have no idea when I'll find time to finish them !! Now I have a heavy duty week of tat-crunching ahead of me before I leave again for the new world this next week !! Wish me luck !!

Don't ask about this last one !! No really !

Also working on the web-shop this week !!! Should look a bit better in a few days !!!

And no ... I don't actually have any of the shirts with me at the shop !! So ... The only way to get them is through the PUPERMARKET !! And shipped only to the Union ( the European one ) !

Hope you like !


Anonymous said...

And a boston terrier, sweet man.
Btw, none of your sketchbooks havent gone missing by any chance? Or all of them? Was watching the Pixar animated film Robots with my son and I swear to God they had just about all of your robot designs in use!! True story.


Now that you mention it ... I've been missing my robot-sketchbook since that shady dude from Disney came over before that movie came out !!!!! Hah ! Haven't seen it ... Is it any good !?

ZAK said...

Visually they're all so cool to watch, the animated ones. And they're actually kinda funny and smart. But definitely check out Robots, theres SO much technical solutions that it'll make you dizzy.