Philly-doodling ...

Today's doings ... Had a super day of walking around and sketching and stuff and stuff !! They say the temperature is 91 and I'm thinking it might as well be celsius !! Apart from that , found me a sweet breakfast place and a super coffee place that's not a Starbucks ( it was hard this morning to go and hunt for it without having had the few regulatory morning double espressos and to smell the franchised-coffee from every street corner !) But I made it !! Then just strolled down South street till I bumped in to the Tattooed mom and her cold pints of Guinness ! Stayed there for a bit ( see post below ) and drew some more !! Here's some of what I did today !!

This is my cab driver from yesterday's ride from the airport to downtown !! Almost a portrait , I swear !!!!!

This is a piece from the kitchen of "The Morning Glory" My new breakfast place !!

This the city !! ( not really Philly but kinda ) !

More tomorrow !!


Flora Amalie said...

Wow, you've been busy!
Have fun and say hi to the americans for me... all of them!

Unknown said...

Really nice, seems like you are enjoying your trip