VAF in the house Laaa !

Firstly ... As promised , last Monday's tattoo action >>>

A quickie , one might say ! Barely 2 and a half hours in the making but a final session on a sleeve ! A piece complete !
Buddy shaky legs came all the way down , once again , from Gothenburgtown for his ink needs ... Hopefully not for the last time ! Always good to have you over Gweilo !!!

Here's what happened >>>>

Yep ... Shaky legs is an adult now ! He's getting baby tattoos !

Check out the full thing we had finished last year , minus the baby patch !


Also in the news >>>>

If you happen to be one of those people that get their fancy tickled by my doodles and think that nothing less than the original is good enough for you good folks ... Check out the EPTB ! Finally got two fine pieces up for grabs uploaded a minute ago ! More to come ... I just haven't managed to get my older stuff from the gallery back just yet and some other new ones are still getting framed !! Next week for sure !
Until then let me know what yall think !!!! They do always look so much more bester all pimped up and framed !

For any enquiries about these two fine pieces or any other originals for sale: pick@electricpick.com


Thorofasius said...

Super funny tattoo!

Great to see you added the two pieces to the EPTB. Look awesome man!

Mr shaky said...

Thanks nick!!!! Been some fun years... i had a tear in my eye on the way home la.
See you in the future.