Today's tattoo action ... Part two of the traveling half sleeve !!

This good man , all the way from Swissland had come to Hong Kong for the first sitting on this here piece ! Part two , in Copenhagen ... A bit closer from home , one might say ! So today we spent the day colouring it all up for about 5 hours ! Here's What it all looked like all done and done !!!

Good travels buddy !!

Still more to Plog ... Still no time to Plog it in !!!

Stay happy !

P.s. Absolutely ! That last one and pretty much all I've been painting lately is for sale ! After they get Plogged here , they are shipped to my framing wizard and back at the shop about a week later and up for grabs on the EPTB !!

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Simon said...

Dude! I FREAKING LOVE IT!!! Thank you a million times!