Space and beyond ...

Yesterday's tattoo action indeed ! Buddy Zak came down from Stockholmtown for this new instalment on his growing space sleeve ! And that's just what he got !!! He came in asking me for a robot/chick ... And this is what I came up with ! A robo-chick indeed but not just !! You see... She is communicating with the planets , the cosmos , the universe !! Making one with the intergalactic void ... The ultimate mind in transgalactic communication action , understanding all that is and will be !!!! Pretty heavy shit , right !? Here's what it all looked like !!!!

Red for me/ Black for Zak >>>>

And 4 and a half hours later >>>>

Hurra for "one shots" !! Another one in the bank of finished pieces !

In other tattoo-related news ... It also seems that , in the wave of tattoo-coverage I have enjoyed for the last few months , I happened to have gotten one of these full pages filled with my work and stuff in the last TAM-zine ! Check it out !!

Stay tuned for more non-stop tattoo action tomorrow !!


Monster Sid said...

dude, you got a craaazy speed! o_O

Unknown said...

i enjoy seeing your stuff... you look like you enjoy mixing cartoon with tattoo, while others kinda struggle between one and another

ZAK said...

But behold of the vicious voting system of Conspiracy Inc., people. I got an inter-galactic camel toe voted in to my piece.
Thanks for one more masterpiece, buddy.