Le Tattooing x2!

Last week's second day of le Tattooing !!!

We sadly did not manage to finish this one , I completely forgot once again to take the marker shots and never managed to get a good picture at the end of the day .... But still ... I have something to show !

Le Buddy has promised to return in the not so distant future to finish this new leg patch and ... To also wrap up the lower arm piece we did on the first day !

De-construction ... Living on that planet must , no doubt hella-suck !! Constantly building and destroying shit around you !!! I'd move ! But hey ... Makes for a sweet piece !

Thanks for coming from so far (not that far actually but for some reason , the French will not travel to get tattooed unlike their other European neighbours) so special thanks for coming buddy !

In other news >>>>>>

There are no other news today !

Plog ya later ... Still got some catching up to do ... Lots to Plog !!!!

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