Preparing for the show ...

... The back to Conspiracy-work show !

Tomorrow's my first day back at the Copenhagen office indeed and what an office ! The new shop is an amazing place , some of you out there will get to witness it very soon as for the others , you can expect a few posts dedicated solely to the awesomest tat-shop I've ever had the pleasure of working in ever !!!! True story ! Stay tuned for more about that soon !!

Everything else however , has proven incredibly hard to organize since I've been back ! Giving me almost no time for Plogging and getting settled ! So forgive the abstract photo recycling posts of the last few days but yeah ... I've been running around like a headless chicken since I've landed !! Gimme a few days to organize and I should be back on track !

+Technicals >>>>>>For all those whom it may concern ...
The Conspiracy inc. has indeed moved since the last time I was working in Denmark so , just to make sure :

Conspiracy Inc.
Schleppegrellsgade 7
2200 KĂžbenhavn N

Phone: (+45) 33 36 22 77

+Also >>>>>>Attendance schedule ...
For all scheduled appointments and for quick "live"chats :

Most Thursdays

Always after 2pm

Tomorrow ... ?
Back at Copenhagen-tattooing-work !


Allen HK said...

Cool~~~ Can't wait to see your tattooing work!!! Stay awesome!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


art skull tattoo said...

May the force be with you, mano !!!!!

Rune thomsen said...

I cant wait to see the new shop. a have a session for yet another masterpiece.