Hard waiting !!

Last weekend's tattoo party action !!

Last weekend , Austrian homies were in the house and all the way from Graz they came to hang , feed us world class alpine chocolate and to get some old ink done and done !! So we hung ... We ate chocolate and we tattooed the weekend away ! Here's what it looked like after I was done with them !!

My buddy IGL finally got his neck finished ! Started in 2007 ... This piece was itching to get done !!! The robo-matic-all terrain -auto-scooter ... Finally complete and in glorious green !

Then ... Bernie's turn ! Another old piece done !!! The pink cat factory with quality inspector included !!

All wrapped up in a day of blood, sweat and tears !

Always good to have faraway homies in town !!!!

Stay tuned for more more more coming up real soon !!!


igl said...

in deed, tears, never ending rain .. !
thank you for super- cool tats !!!

Ben Newman said...

great stuff! love the roboscooter; I can't wait now for your UK sojurn!

Adam said...

Insanely great!