Doodles doodles ...

This one's from a few weeks ago when I had started Copenhagen-painting again ... After a long break ! Did a few that day but hadn't had a full day off to paint again since today ! Just too damn much tattooing going on nowadays ! Got to balance it out a bit better soon ! Anyways ... Today was a well awaited painting day indeed ! And I went crazy ... Feels great ! There's nothing I love more in the world than painting for no reason ! No deadlines , no tattooing , nothing but me and some surface to fill !

None were finished today however at least 6 amazing A3s are well on their way to be so ... Keep an eye out over here in the next week ! As soon as I can find another few minutes to myself , I'll be able to finish a few of these awesome new pieces !!!

Also ... I'll be doing my best to bring the EPTB back online sometime this week too !!!



Unknown said...

the thing i like the most about your paintings is the hard work you put on detailing the chicks' nipples hahaha but seriously, it's fucken great

Monsieur Lo said...

vraiment excellent !!

nic said...

me and the missus could do with an EP painting hanging in our living room... please give me a little advance warning the next time you have some of these gems up for sale ok?

p.s. my 40 odd rolls of film from India are in need of a home ;)