Originals update !

You guys rock !!

Opened my computer this morning to notice both the new originals on the EPTB got sold overnight and that's pretty damn rad ! These two sweet pieces will get packed and shipped out on Tuesday ! Both heading to their new respective homes on opposite corners of the world !

For all of you out there who might have been interested in these or other pieces , fear not !! More more more to come ! Some time next week I should definitely manage to finally get back my stuff from last year ! That'll be a bunch in one go and should keep you busy for a little while ! If you however , like the newer stuff more ... There should be a bunch of these popping up randomly yet regularly ! Some maybe even as soon as next week (apart from the last vampire doll who also already got grabbed) !

Thanks to all and stay awesome !
Today's new sleeve ... Plogged tomorrow !

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Thorofasius said...

Good for you buddy! Seems like your EPTB is booming. I'm proud of you!