So busy laaah ....

Crazy busy !

Yep get use to it ... I think I'll be writing this a lot in the next few months !!

Just finished lining yet another sleeve and have no energy to start cropping and posting stuff tonight ! Sorry guys ! I'm still about a week behind anyways ! But tell ya what ! I'll post ya an unfinished doodle tonight (just so you have something to look at) and I'll find a bit of time to make a mega tattoo catch up post tomorrow ! To get you guys back up to speed on this sleeve week ! How's that ? Yeah ? Cool !

Done deal !

Flying Blue (not the air mile club) ...

P.s. Thanks a lot for all the comments and e-mails about the last piece (vampire chick) ! I'm getting it seriously pimped up at my frame dude right now ! I think it's already sold but I promise a good shot of it all framed and hot and stuff !!!!

Blue's not always so bad !

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Ben Newman said...

man, I LOVE this one! that in-turned foot is awesome.