Bankers can't dance !

... Sad but true !

However ... Here's , I'm guessing , a highly anticipated post !! The first in a very long series of regular back in Europe tattoo posts ! For those of you out there who like that tattoo thing ... Here ya go ! Looks like I'll be pretty damn busy tattooing in the months to come ! Lots of people from all over Europe have been waiting patiently for their turn and finally , the time has come !

Here's the fruit of my first day at the office of pain , blood and tears !! As usual ... Red for me / Black for buddy !! This time around ... We filled up a gap , wrapping up the lower arm left from the last session and avoiding this older , previously done "lightning cloudy tape thing" patch !!

And the almost finished piece at the end of the day >>>>

Back in action !!! More tat-zzzzappppings starting on Thursday and pretty much everyday till next Tuesday !! Stay tuned for some tattoo marathon action reaction !!!!

Also in the tattoo news of the day >>>>

When last in Hong Kong , I dedicated a post to Magazine season ... And I just got the last of the 3 zines I had then talked about (the Polish one) in my hands ! The zine looks real good and my few pages are absolutely awesome !!! They squeezed in lots of pictures and as soon as I find someone who speaks Polish I'll be able to see if what they say about me is good or bad !! If you have access to such literature ... Take a look and let me know !!

Plog ya right back !!
EPHK >>>> Over and out !


igl said...

thursday, the others are coming !!!

ZAK said...

That'll be me screaming on Thursday...

kamil said...

I am from Poland, and I've read this zin tomorrow and looking your works. One word - fantastic! Imagine, comics outfit and fine womens means fuckin great stuff. Keep going, cheers from Poland :)

kamil said...

read this zin today, sorry for mistake ;)

Monster Sid said...

hahaha, tattoo fest ^^
im pole too.