Been painting and doodling like there's no tomorrow , lately !! And it feels absolutely awesome to be back in painting land ! 2 full days of just that was just what I needed !! Done a few of these A3 pieces in the last few days and here's the first of the series !! For some reason ... Red seems to be the main colour of choice right now ... Let's see how long that lasts !

Let me know what you think about this one ... I think I really like it ! I got more of these to post however tomorrow's the first day of a tattoo marathon so ... Might take me a while before I can post them ! Gotta make some room for the tattoos too !

Stay rockin ! And yes , all these loose pieces (not attached to my sketchbook) are always up for grabs ! Gimme a week or two and I'll have them and some older stuff up on the ELECTRIC PICK TURE BOX ! New awesome merch projects coming too !!

Rock !


art skull tattoo said...

Delicious !!!!

BLACKOUT said...

i really like it dude, there's something tron-ish about it, and of course i love that minty fresh green, remind you of anywhere??

Thorofasius said...

Sweet buddy.
Verly looking foreward to the new art grabs!

Frederik Beyer said...

Really nice work that for some reason makes me think of Tetris - she's pretty spooky though without the eyes..

Anonymous said...

I really like her!