Cordon Bleu !

More tattoos ... More sleeve starting !!!

Yesterday's sleeve starting action live from the office !!

This time ... A kitchen sleeve got started ! We scratched it all and then we made it to about half the lines by the end of the day ! Next appointment on this culinary arm should be in not too long ! More lines and maybe some colour too when we get there ! Until then ... Here's how it all looked like !

Red/Black >>>

Half lined >>>

Tomorrow is the start of a well deserved full weekend of doodlings so stay tuned for some of that action ! Should also have some time to Plog today's doom session of doom tattooing !!

Stay healthy !


ROB KELLY said...

nice bro, i always wondered what guys looked like. splendid moustaches.

Michelle Hilden said...

Sooo cool

Simon said...

this is really a great sleeve in the making.. I am a bit jealous I have to say :)