In the valley of the 4 and a half seasons !

Yesterday !

In this unprecedented orgy of everyday-nonstop-day after day tattoo madness ... This sweet sleeve came back for some more colour !! Apart from some hair ... We pretty much finished half of it yesterday !! This piece's colours are awesome !! I just wouldn't naturally choose to use so much green but of course , all this nature needed a lot of greens ... A few Ounces of blue and yellow later ( that's right ... Green ! ) it just really looks super !!! ( Much much more so in person !! ) Spring , indian Summer and Summer united !!

Autumn in February !

Also in yesterday's news ... Missy here dropped by to show of how well her tape healed up and how no touch-ups , whatsoever , were needed !! Rock'n ! Always nice to see perfectly healed pieces come back to show off !!!

And now ... If you don't mind ... 3 birthdays must be celebrated and loads of Guinness needs be drank a.s.a.p. !!

Later , Tattoo post-a-thon pervs !!


ZAK said...

That sleeve... off the chain!!!
Thank God/you you make such a personal tattoos that mean so much to the owner, otherwise people might get jealous. And we do!

De Hoed said...

Cool one there again buddy!