In the green house !

Yesterday's piece ...

Well ! This is one of these pieces that's really hard to take a shot of !! Tried a few times on the last few sessions and never managed !! Same story today ... However am gonna post it anyways cuz it's a pretty sweet half sleeve !! So ... Ladies and gentlemen ... Please forgive the half shiny dark bad pictures !! I also tried to blacken some previous ( not by me ) work ... So no ! Missy , here , doesn't have a hole in her arm !

More good pictures in a few months when it's all healed up and looking good !!

And finally today's work ... To end this tat-a-thon of madness ... We done finished "El Presidente" !! That's right !! Today's work is a new finished piece ... The very popular "El Presidente" in full colour with background !! Rock !

Tomorrow ... A very well accepted day off !! Will try to use as many minutes as possible of it updating some long overdue web related stuff and maybe even some drawing !!

+Very few shirts ( show your colours 1 & 2 ) left at the shop !! Hurry if you're in to that sort of stuff !!
++Back on book making duty at the end of this week !! Will probably post a page or two then !!
+++New super prints on the works ... BIG !!

So long , astro-ploggers !


Anonymous said...

both are sik but gotta admit i love el presidente' great color combo

Unknown said...

Insanely cool work