From the Copenhagen bureau ...

Well ... If ya like these tattoo things that I do ... Here's a good post for ya !

On this remembrance day 2008 , I bring you first ... A new finished piece ( well two of them but I count them as one ) ! All done and finished up yesterday in about an hour !! Good on ya mate !

Then , on the very same day ... Niels dropped by to finally get his matching turquoise retarded crazy sky done ! I'd been making him wait ( almost a year ) and just couldn't push it any longer ( this session being the last one before the touch-ups ) so ... He got his sky !! Turquoise !! Not green !! Turquoise !!

And finally !! Today's workings ... Just done finished this sweet little masterpiece of pure heavy and ultimate doomness !!!
R a a a a a a r g h h ! ! So heavy !!!

Well ! That's it for these last two tattoo days and that's enough for now too ! Need some time to draw now ! Tomorrow it is ! Some more illustration needs be done and no one else is gonna do it if I don't ! ( well yeah ... A lot of others will do it but ... I wanna do it too ! )

So ... Post ya later , Plog chewers !


Anonymous said...

luv that devil girl piece that background is amazing, well the whole piece really

igl said...

unusually busy yesterday sir !
what do you mean with: "AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !" ???

De Hoed said...

Beautiful stuff my man!!!