Flying dolls !

Just another sketchbook page !!

Are they pants , boots or her own legs ? Nobody knows !!

Been looking at flights and hotels for my next trips this christmas and ... It's looking good !! All excited again !! I think traveling is one of the rare things I could never learn to live without !! Here's the line-up for this winter !!

Paris for christmas ! Just chilling out , family style !!
Beijing - 15/01/09 till ...
Hong Kong - 20/01/09 till ...
Melbourne - 28/01/09 till ...
Taipei - 06/02/09 till I come back to Copenhagen on the 20/02/09 !

For you tattoo lovers ... Will be working in Beijing / Hong Kong and Melbourne with a slight possibility of also working in Taiwan !! However not booking anything yet ! Keep an eye on the Plog or enquire at pick@electricpick.com if interested !!

More sick tat-action tomorrow !!

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De Hoed said...

Man it is too awesome.

I this super cool idea when for when you come to Rotterdam nest year!