The day's tat-doing !!

Don't do much of that stuff anymore ( Simple Classics Design/New-school thing ... ) But I guess once in a while ... It's ok ! Here's a good example of the genre !! Couldn't really squeeze in a bunch of naked chicks or a crazy , 5 layer city backdrop or even some retarded impossible mechanical contraption ... So just took the few lines I had and had fun on this for about 4 hours ! Will try to push it a bit farther with the colours ! And yes ! Absolutely ... No rip but def. very influenced by one of the masters of the genre , who's stuff I noticed , it kind of looked like while drawing it on this morning ! Out of nowhere !! ( I swear !! ) Homie Craig Driscoll ! ... Check it out live !

A week full of new pieces I gots ! So stay tuned if you like sleeves covered in mindless lines !!

Now back to work !! This book thing is quite the full time job !! Too bad I already have a dozen of those full time jobs !

Later , Liners and linettes !

1 comment:

ZAK said...

Nice one!
Ps. just saw one of your pirate chick drawings as a tattoo. I hope you're not gonna see it..