Basket bunnies !

Hey there ! Been a few days !! I know .. I know .. Been busy with stuff and stuff ! But here I am !!

Bunny dumbness 'tis !! Today's action packed piece is none other than the super duper bunny cart race ( level 1 ) ... These poor suckers aren't liking this one bit !!! Collect all the carrots to get to level 2 !! Wish em luck !!

Few hours of colour on this today !! Had a ball with the sky !! yep yep !!

Tomorrow ... A new piece !! With some devil girls and stuff !! Been a while !

So stay classy out there , post ya later and remember ... Safety first !!


Anonymous said...

both really cool pieces,rabbits are excellent love shading on them

Happy Kimo said...

i like the stick-couple :D