Movie stars and mermaid stories !!

Ladies and gentlemen ...

Just had my buddy Jesse over for the last few weeks but still managed to sketch and fill up a few of the new sketchbook pages whenever I had a minute , now and then !! Am a bit late on starting back on the book but I just need to draw a bit before I start again so ... Will be more illustration in the next few days !! Here's some random pages from the new sketchbook !! Don't ask ... It's all very random stuff !!

This new sketchbook is going well !! First of all it's square and second , I decided to just fill up all the spreads with random doodles until the pages are filled ... So should be looking good when it's done !! I'll post full page spreads when I finish some !!

Later , sketchbook eaters !!

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ZAK said...

Nick, I hope you're keeping your sketchbooks in a vault or a safe somewhere. Bank in Switzerland maybe. Cause Robots movie was based on your stuff, all of it.