Fast book landing !!

That's right !!

Just received the Fast Book back from the States and in it ... My buddy Jesse's new page !! Here it is ! Check it out !! The mission bay robotic bird !!

Next page ... Half and half ! Stay tuned for more Fast Book pages very soon !! Cuz ... Now it's my turn ! Hah !

Also ... Since the last post ... I finished what I had to do at the shop , did a little tap dancing routine with Allan and ran back home to start , nothing less than a dozen new pieces !! True story !! Haven't really finished any of them yet but still managed to finish some "Side doodles" ! Here's one of them and an other started painting bellow !

I have no idea what the background will be on this last one , yet . Let me know if you have any ideas !

Tomorrow ? I guess I'll try to finish some of the other pieces I've started today !! But only after I go and get 3 new , freshly developed films ! Aaah !! The never ending analogue excitement !!

Later , under pressure cookers !


Anonymous said...

wow love that last pic no idea for a bckground though

Flora Amalie said...

I'd say it's done.
Seriously, it looks perfect just like that.

Anonymous said...

I want a hot air balloon..... Don´t know why, but she looks like a balloon kinda girl to me!

Make here a balloon and she will be happy.

Later skater.

ZAK said...

I actually looked at the background first and went WAU, then read the text. So, I would also say that its done diddly do.