HK 3K !

'tis today's tat-action !!

Once again this very promising sleeve came over for just over 4 hours of colour today !! Looking good ! These are some not too good pictures of it but had to post something about this piece today !! A giant future city sleeve !! Blade runners would be jealous !!!

Yes !! You can't see them on this picture but there are a few flying cars in there !! What would a future-city be without them anyway !? Will be working on this one again in March !! Keep an eye out if ya like these crazy liner coloured city backgrounds I do from time to time !!

However , also in the news today !!

-Came up with a super master plan for a super duper special edition super ultra limited edition secret stuff and stuff that will be on the ELECTRIC PUPERMARKET soon ... Very soon !! More details about this before the said "soon" !!

-One of the super masters of tattooing , def. up there in the very exclusive top 3 , guru of the "West Canadian Scene" , none else than Mr.Steve Moore has finally updated his web site !! ( well ... Maybe it's been a while but just noticed it last night ! ) It's very hard to navigate and very unpractical but worth every second of it !! A lot of new super masterpieces to be found !! Enjoy !

-And last but not least >>>>> The rules of engagement for future tattoo appointments with me are changing !! ( This does not concern people who have already started pieces !!! Old system still applies for all pieces in continuation ! ) This is for all new submissions starting from January 1st ! I'm currently working on a text to be posted all over that will explain the new , simpler rules , so ... More about this soon !!! I've just had to change the system ! Overwhelming demand + wanting to accommodate everyone + always making the best work I can = lots of stress and no time for anything else like eating and sleeping ! The new system should be way simpler too !!!

Until the next post ... May the colours be with you !!


CoreyGirl said...

yeah, his site just got up and running a couple weeks ago, and he isnt happy with it either, but it took so long that in the end it was like, just get it up.

(and my butt crack is on there!)

Thorofasius said...

Cool sleeve man! Awesome stuff!