Slide Vs C-41

More more and more Analogue love !! Can't get enough 35mm love ! I've always been a fan and just won't stop !! Sad to see it's becoming harder to get good films and more expensive to get it developed at good labs and just all around , more of a cult thing ! But I've been taking lots of pictures before the digital revolution ... Back when it was just "taking pictures" and will most probably stop only when no more film is to be found !! Here's film number 2 from this week ! An other slide film experiment ! This time with a real camera ! Here it is !!

35mm Canon/EOS + Provia 100 F !

Lausanne CH : Downtown/up on the roof tops

Copenhagen : Train/airport

These last ones were taken very early in the morning after taking my homie Jesse back to the airport ! It was a bit of a grey sky but still pretty nice with the slide saturation and very long exposure times !! Absolutely love em !


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ZAK said...

Cool with a 100 and long exposure time. I was wondering why's everything so blue, then I read about the Provia 100f and some preview made it as a negative point that the film makes shadows go blue.
Nice that youre still going oldskool.