Neck thursday !

That's what yesterday was !

Me , the Jesse and the Allan ... All working in the back !! Was a bit tight but we managed !!

This what I done did !! Not the kind of stuff I usually do ( roses or necks ) But more then happy to put my lines on the eternal classic !! Here's what a rose on a neck looks like when I do it !!!

Luv it !

And here's a shot without Allan in it !!

Also in the news !!!!! My buddy IGL has finally managed to update his Igl Blox !!!! Hurra !!! The Chines Astroboter on top of the page will be missed !! Have a look at what a bunch of tourists look like !

Tomorrow ?? Yep !! You guessed it ! Still more of that sick tatzapping action !!

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Anonymous said...

that is sik i relly like