On the way out !

Farewell San Diego , Farewell California !

So much to post and no time to post it in ! I got to pack and go to bed quick to wake up real early tomorrow to get back to the other coast ! So ... You'll have to give me a day or two for the next posts !! But I got lots to show so ... It's worth it !! San Diego is a cool place and it was nice to see this side of the Pacific !! But I miss my Island !! It rocks , my little rainy island ... In it's own way ! So ... Farewell to old and new bros and a day of flying for me tomorrow !!!

Once again ... How's all the new stuff I'm bringing back gonna fit ??

Later , Taco munchers !


Uncle Allan said...

Your rainy island people miss you too!

Flora Amalie said...

The weather at home really, really sucks.
You're gonna love it!

ZAK said...

Nickster! I thought that Driscoll lives in San Diego. Guess I was wrong...