Zombie nipples ...

... Is what happened yesterday !
The zombie demi-Goddess , lordress* of everything evil ... Decided to come out of the ground and mortify the earth !!! Raaaaaaaaaagh !! True story !! This half sleeve will be back in October for some ... Doom colour ! Stay tuned for more ... If you can stand the horror !!!!! Raaaaaaargh !!!!! ... The h o r r o r !!!

And here are the day's doings ! Bbq Morten came back in for some sweet sweet colour !! It kind of was a last minute decision to bring in all this turquoise and well ... I love it ! It completely made the piece !! The colours kinda match these old postcards with all shades of yellows and oranges and very warm colours and then a dark turquoise as contrast !! Sure you've seen them before ! Anyways ... Wasn't planned that way but turned out super !!! More of these flowers next session in October !!!!

Awesome colours !!!

Tomorrow ? .......... A great announcement !

*= Yes ! I know ... It a new word I just invented ! I think it was needed !


Flora Amalie said...

Uh, hawaii piece is lookin' gooood!

Ps. Stop inventing words already, word butcher!


New wordation is in neededing , young lady !!! And I've been chosened for the bringingation of the new word revolutioning !! That's rightatious !! A new world orderation has beguning !!!!! And there is nothingnation you can be doning about it .... Buhhaaahhaaaaaa !!!

Flora Amalie said...