! El Presidente !

My two buddies , Marie and Nicknick , from Gbg , Came down for a few days to hang out and get some tattooing done on Thursday ! And that's just what we did !! First , Marie got some more colours ( ice cream colours ) in her gardening angel green house ! The piece was half healed and half fresh all over so you'll have to wait till next time to see pictures of it !!

And yesterday , me and Nicknick had a hard time choosing which one of the already started pieces to finish ... So ... We wisely decided to start a new one instead ! Here's what we came up with about 2 or 3 minutes before we started !!! Beware ... El Presidente !!!!

More colour on this one with a background ( most probably in turquoise ) in a month or so ... Don't really know but it feels like something is wrong in his anatomically perfectly correct skull !! Naaa ... Must be imagining things !! It looks pretty much exactly like a skull should be !

In other news .......... Thank you all for the awesome support with the PUPERMARKET !! Happy to see that you guys like the new shirts as much as I do !! I'll be waiting a tad bit more before a new one comes up but it's in the works !! This new one should be a bit simpler to screen and therefore a bit cheaper and maybe even exportable to the U.S. ! Will keep ya up to date !

Announcement tomorrow !! I promise !


Anonymous said...

Dude, that tat is fuckin awesome!!

CoreyGirl said...

"exportable to the US"...

why you hatin on us Canadians??


It's the baby seal clubbing thing !! They're just so cute !! So very cute ... Wodywodybobooo addaboboo ... (joke) ... No hating !! No hating here , missy !! Where d'ya see hating ?? Where's the hating ???? No hating !!