Rest in peace ...

A tad bit grim ...

On Tuesday the 19th of August , this week , 10 more victims where added to our continuous clash of civilizations with the middle east ! 10 French soldiers died in a few hours in Afghanistan ... These 10 people are in no way more important then any one of the thousands who die every year from natural catastrophes or wars and conflicts plaguing our little planet ! However , I just found out that I knew one of them and therefore it touched me a bit more personally ! Had tattooed and hung out a bit , back in the day ! It had been a while since I was in Corsica ! A few many years to say the least ! But it made me think a bit ! I know for a fact that him and all his brothers in arms from back then ... Had dedicated their lives and made a career of conflict and wars , had made their peace with the ultimate cost and were ready to take that ultimate chance ! Far from being responsible for any of the many conflicts they were brought in , over the years , they were however , therefore not innocent victims ! However still , for everyone that cared about them , Family and friends at home and life long 2nd REP buddies in arms , a brutal reminder of how unforgiving the ultimate price is !

Never had I thought these words in a more appropriate way , after a lifetime dedicated to war ... Rest in peace Sergeant R.Penon !

P.s. This was not the great announcement I last posted about !! Will wait for tomorrow with that one !

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