Mission Bay

The weather is awesome here !! For all of you out there that enjoy the sun and such Summery things , that is ... I must admit , however , that I'm starting to get used to it !! It's just dry ! 0 humidity is quite nice on a sunny day ... A refreshing breeze and ... Funny , overly polite people ! It grows on ya !

First day at Guru ! A beautiful shop with 9 solid portfolios ! That's nice to see once in a while !! Here's my first west coast piece I done did on Wednesday ! To be continued next year with some crazy colour action !!

Medusa in action !! A monster .... Or a bitter chick with her load of hard luck !?


Thorofasius said...

WOW, supercool!

Unknown said...

Woah, looks supercool. Just realized that from now on I can´t get tattooed by anyone else, so you ight be stuck with me :-) However next piece is not to be Batman style ;-)