In the valley of the dolls !

In order ...

First off ! Here's what's been done did today ! The four season's sleeve came back for some colour and that's just what we did ! Been doing a lot of colouring lately ... Here it is and ........ Yummm !! I love that tree in the back ! Hah !! Liner colour is the new black !!! I luv it !

Also in the news ... Am now ( since today ) booking for October ! For all of you who have a started piece or want a "one shot" , enquire quickly ! Because ... October is also when I open for new bookings ( bigger pieces ) !! I just opened my computer a few minutes ago and checked my e-mails to find 25 new sleeve submission requests !! I have no idea how I'm going to book all these people yet , however , I have decided to also accept new submissions for new pieces in November , to relax my calendar and give ya all a chance !

So for those of you who want new big stuff in October ! I might push you back in November !! All of you who are not in a hurry and don't mind waiting till November to start ! Would be nice !!! For November bookings , write to me on the 25th of September ( next month !! )

After the November booking is complete ... I will , once again , stop taking new bigger pieces until March next year !! So ... Mail me if ya want some !!

And finally : The big announcement !!!!!!!!!

I've , only lately , finalized the details of this project !!! A very long lasting dream come true !!! For all of you who might be interested ......... Am officially working on a book !! Found me a publisher and all !! Full ligit and stuff !! That's right ... Nothing's too good for me ! So , production on this project will officially start on the 1st of September and should be all done before the end of the year !! I'll be giving more news soon but what I know now is that it should be available in book stores and on the net before the very end of the year or very early next year !!!!! It'll take me an incredible amount of work ( I insisted on doing all of the layout myself ) and should be about 200 pages fat ! Also , it'll be all the work ( Pictures , drawings , sketches , paintings and illustrations , comics and tattoos and all kinds of projects ) I've done in 2005 / 2006 !

So keep an eye on the Plog for more updates if interested !!!

That's it that's all for today ... I'm off to do a few hours of mail answering now !! Later !


CoreyGirl said...

How exciting!!

Thorofasius said...

Hey man, a book, that is super cool! Congratulations!

ZAK said...

Nice! Congrats buddy!!