La La Land !

Sorry I skipped a few days ... Been Plog-Slacking lately but have been crazy busy since I got back !! Like , no kidding !! Anywho ... Here's the doings of the last few days ... For your viewing pleasure !!!

Just took that top shot a few hours ago !! No photoshop !!! It was like the whole sky was on fire ! ROCK !

So yeah ... This first one is about a very dramatic and serious true story !! We started this one yesterday and should get it all done and all coloured up next month !! Go go rabbits go !!!

And this here , my friends , is the final , completed , finalized ... and also all finished Simian Smith the Space captain , half sleeve !!! It was sad to see 'em go ! True story !! You work on something for a while and you love it ... And when it's done ... It goes away !!! Sad !!! That has to be a big advantage the Tattooers working in street shops , crunching out impersonal pieces all day have over tattooers that do their own original work !!

Here it is !!! The final battle of the blue ape !! Absolutely Love this piece !!!

La La Land sounds great right now !! Later !

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CoreyGirl said...

That is a beautiful picture at the top!!

And its not always so easy to blog everyday.. its way easier to slack off for a few...