Double-Robo-Wamo-Friday !

However !!!! Before I left the U.S. ... Stuff had happened !! I'm sure you heard about it ... Mhm Yep ! So here's a bit of a recap !!!

Last time on the Electric Plog :

I must admit , I had had a bit of a hard time arranging my calendar stuff for the Richmond part of the trip ! After being stood up the first day ( Thursday ) ... I realized ( on Friday morning ) that my calendar was a bit more of a mess than I thought and found myself with two appointments ( just for the record , none of which had been booked on Thursday ) ... At the same time ! So , after learning they both wanted robots !!! I know , awesome !! I decided to make a Double-Robo-Wamo-Friday ...

This homie came down from Buffalo , NY for this awesome super dramatic piece !!! Truly love this one !!! We had fun ( mostly me ) for 4 hours , on this awesome piece !! See , what happened is , This young space cadet took a bit of a wrong turn in an asteroid field and done crashed her astro-rocket down on this unforgiving planet ! Kablamo !! Passed out ... However , Lucky for her , this robot can't resist a damsel in distress and decided to help out !!

Not all robots are bad !

And number 2 ... 3 hours worth ! Magna-bot , here , either got stuck , got lost in the big city ( lives on a dirt road ) or just got outta bed on the wrong side this morning but ... He's obviously having a shit day ! There's no telling what will happen next !! Watch out people of TokyoShanghaiHongKong !! ( Name of the city )

Good job Mr.Mook !!

And just for the record !!

She's gonna be just fine !!


Unknown said...

Just wanted to say thanks again! By far the most super badass ink i've gotten to date. I'm getting ready for round 2 next time you come to the states!

Thorofasius said...

Cool stuff man!

Glad to hear you're back in one piece!

See you the 5'th of september to (hopefully) finish the robot crushing!

ZAK said...

I cant stop staring at that first robot. You bastard. (not that the other one is less carambalicious..)

Petri said...

I love you